Maya Trips


Maya Area Trip Accounts

(Mostly Mine)

March 2008 Peten trip

December 2007 Trip to Guatemala with My Lovely Lady

2007 Trip to El Peru, Uaxactún and Cancuén

My Trip Report about El Mirador/Nakbé/Wakná 2005/2006

A More Scholarly version of the same 2006 Mirador trip from the Pre-Columbian Society Codex

and On the Nakbé Trail

Yucatán Bike Trip 2005

From Chiapas through Guatemala and into Belize - 2004 

Visiting the Ruins of Yaxchilán and Piedras Negras 2003

El Mirador 2002

Getting to Lubaantun and Nim Li Punit, 2001

A Petén Journey by Mike Reed

El Mirador Accounts

How to get to El Mirador

The Ruins of Highway 186; The Real Ruta Maya, 

by Mike Reed, starting with Kohunlich 




Below Tulum; Yucatan's East Coast Highway, Route 307


Other Interesting Maya Trip Accounts and Anecdotes on the Web

I will add them as I find them, placing each newest to me at the top.  


An Interesting 14 Day Yucatan Bike Tour in 2002

Greg Vandiver and companions hit Petén and Belize in 2007.

A Bicycle Trip in Yucatan from Mérida.

A visit to the Calakmul and Río Bec area.



Other El Mirador Accounts

El Mirador from gives an interesting

account of a trip that was difficult, but rewarding.

El Mirador and Nakbé, I was on this one (2002)

El Mirador (2003) is an interesting account with

a good number of photos on each page.

A very interesting account (in 2005) by a young Norse woman

The First Great Maya City; El Mirador leaves one with the erroneous impression that the

 city was not abandoned around 150 CE, with only a somewhat successful (year uncertain)

 attempt at Classic  repopulation, but it is a good read.

El Mirador; la Gran Aventura, although he is no Mayanist, the writer tells it well (year uncertain)