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 Updated   04 October 2013

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How to get to and from Carmelita by bus.



 Now the only Gateway to El Mirador, Nakbé,

and the rest of the entire Mirador Basin.




Note that an energetic person does not need to hire any denizens of Carmelita, but it is set up that you need to go with a guide from town or arrange it via one of only three agencies that will still bother with these trips. The family run organization calling itself the cooperativa sets the fees and makes the profits.  If you were planning to just hike in yourself,  don't even think of heading to Carmelita, where representatives are likely to meet you when you get off the bus and guide you to the Cooperativa office.


Just say "NO"

Hikers should vote with their feet by not going or paying to encourage this rip off behavior.

If enough people just say no to the so-called cooperativa and if business dries up, maybe

 there could be a shake up in Carmelita for the better.


Even if not, it is better to visit places in Guatemala where some locals have not stolen access to the local ruins.



Nonetheless if you simply must pay more than necessary to line the pockets

 of a very few just to visit El Mirador, here is how to do it.






























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