Posada San Miguel


Posada San Miguel

San Miguel, Petén



Posada San Miguel is a family run hotel and restaurant with affordable rooms just a short  boat ride

 away  from Flores' north shore.  Oscar Tún, of the Mirador Basin Project and his wife Marta,

own it, but their daughter, Karina, is most active in the management role.


Rooms cost 100 Quetzals per person and there is also one air conditioned room that costs more, but

is also quite affordable.  I am told that the food there is very good and my one experience confirms that. There is regular boat traffic between Flores and San Miguel costing 4-5 Quetzals, leaving from the north shore. 


Ask directions from the posada to the nearby "Tayazal" ruins and to the mirador with a beautiful view of Flores.

The posada's phone is  502 - 7867 - 5312

Karina's cell is 502 - 5904 - 6336


Be prepared to speak Spanish.